Universal Silo offers onsite cleanup and transfer of a variety of wet or dry materials using powerful vacuum trucks. Our trucks are fully equipped for the heavy duty pneumatic loading of solids, liquids, oils, sludge, wastewater, iron ore and steel residue with sucking capability ranging from 5,300 to 6,200 PSM. Material can then be tipped or blown back into a silo, or hauled to a designated location.

After vacuuming, Universal Silo can power wash and disinfect interior storage surfaces. Then, once waste materials have been collected, we provide a range of solutions for the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous material.

Universal Silo offers a commercial vacuum truck service for both professional cleaning of catch basin holding tanks of all types.

Because of our high standards in safety, equipment, and employee practices, we are the right choice for all types of professional services.

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Vacuum Truck