Universal Dry Ice blasting technology is a non-abrasive cleaning method that easily removes tpaint, varnish, adhesive, oil, wax, residues in bakeries, bitumen, synthetic residues and foam, all without damaging surfaces. This dry technology is highly recommended for gentle mould cleaning; even delicate elements including switchboards and other electric components can be cleaned safely.

Universal Dry Ice blasting can be applied directly onto the moulds/plants without disassembling them. This saves valuable time and allows virtually continuous production. Even hot moulds can be cleaned online with minimal effect on mould temperature. Universal Dry Ice blasting can easily be integrated into daily processes and supports with high quality assurance and process reliability and low cost. Plus, no solvents or chemicals are used, making blasting an eco-friendly option.


Dry ice is produced from liquid carbon dioxide, which is expanded inside a pelletizer under controlled conditions, forming dry ice snow with a temperature of approx. -79 C / 110.2 F. The snow is pressed through an extruder plate into round, hard pellets (elongated grains with a diameter of 0.1″/ 3mm or 0.07″/ 1.7mm). Compressed air accelerates the pellets to a speed of approximately 984 ft. / 300 m per second. The pellets hit the object to be cleaned, and the surface is shock-frozen in a fraction of a second. Due to the cracking of the surface, the pellets can reach under the dirt and remove it using their kinetic energy. Immediately after impact, the pellets sublimate without leaving any moisture behind. Since the hardness of the pellets is only approximately 2 Mohs, the cleaning is virtually non-abrasive, and surface quality is maintained. Can be adjusted to really aggressive cleaning to very delicate applications.

Dry ice blasting is ideal for use in the following industries:

  • Food
  • Cleaning companies/facility management
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical
  • Electrical components
  • Injection moulding
  • Paper
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft
  • Foundries
  • Power plants
  • Printing
  • Repair of fire damage
  • Rubber

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